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Which features do people work on?

Note: Most small thing will be sent to the vim-dev mailinglist. Subscribing is a good idea :)

Have a look at the main repository and its mirrors

See development


Forked, see neovim neovim. Future will tell wether a merge will happen in the future.

Marc Weber wants


Is heavily working on improving the Python API. His description about the changes:

unfinished patches

Vim-Nox: Vim-Nox patch, branch cmdsrv-nox: It implements client-server communication using sockets. Using sockets you may also have more control about who can connect to your vim, if you use proper access rights for the socket file.

async: async: async patch. vim-addon-async provide similar features - however its based on client-server. For Vim it works. gui implementations are missing

If python gets implemented proberly, so that even python threads can call back into Vim then this patch may be obsolete.

tagfnuc: tagfunc patch: I don't know much about it. Its used by SmartTag

text objects: Don't know about the status, just adding them for completness:

    (mail by Christian Wellenbrock to vim_use)
    You are absolutely right. Here are two related discussions over at vim_dev.

    [1] Patch to utilize undefined text-objects
    [2] patch for block textobj search

    We're also having a small discussion about these patches over at /r/vim. [3]

    One major difference between our approaches is that I treat separators differently from quotes, as illustrated in the `da,` exampl
    If I'm not mistaken that would not be possible with these patches.


finished patches / why haven't they been merged ?

pyclewn debugger integration into Vim?

completeselect I and Nayuri Aohime( developed for changing candidates selection behavior pa!topic/vim_dev/tVsk0pdOGvs (Latest patch address)

improving QTl


timed events patch (TODO review)