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improving upon C?

Problem: Even the most basic "collections" are not supported that well by C. Eg to have a simple "array" of pointers you have to mess with realloc - and do book keeping about how many empty "items" you reserved for futur grow.

C++ provides Vector like base classes. Historically it has been used often as "update path" for many projects. However using all features makes any code that complicated that its hard to contribute. That's why Marc Weber think that C++ would be a nice fit if deciding upon which features to allow would take place. Because C++ works that well I doubt there are any other "similar" approaches

collection problem, solutions

template libraries

BSD example: usetree

python example: (by Nikolay Pavlov) quote: {{{ 1. Use fixed offset in structure: i.e. pointers to next and previous items are always the first one and list-manipulating functions just cast the buf_T* to linked_list_T* which is a structure that has nothing but next and previous poin }}}

switching languages

I'm not sure this is an option, because it may require rewriting at least complete files "at once". So the update path is hard

Basically using another languages would make us get rid of having to maintain low level details if underlying languages supports them.

This also means that people having custom patches can rewrite them.

This would allow to breaking-with-the-past.

switching editor

keep in mind

That future will be longer than the history (which is already awesome).