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unfinished work - how to fix Vim - which order - next steps?

Important fork neovim.

older items:

> You are at the column N and want to get character before the cursor to
> decide the behavior of Tab. Assuming you are writing text in LaTeX in
> Russian and want to detect whether it is Russian letter just before the
> cursor to do something special. The best idea would be using indexing, but
> it is wrong, so you have to use matchstr().
> matchstr(getline('.')[:col('.')-2], '.$') vs getline('.')[col('.')-2].
> This can be worked around, but workarounds are ugly. And there is big bunch
> of plugin developers who do not care about unicode and thus do not have
> such workarounds (consider the relatively recent issue where one Russian
> man wanted to use IMAP() to map some Russian letters and was unable to for
> this very reason). Good language is not about "care about things or they
> will not work". It is about "you see how many things work without you
> actually caring about them".
> I have yet to see a language which is not going to bother me with encoding
> issues.
maybe JS, string characters are unicode only ..

Can be done with current Vim by patching runtime or the like (not much work)

Problems to be fixed see in-which-way-does-vim-suck

random ideas