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vim gets rewritten ?


In which way does Vim also suck?

You all know it: I love Vim. If you look at my github page ( you'll undersand that. Because I do love Vim I also have to worry about its future and at least list some issues I've been faced with in the past. Some could be fixed easily, others are much harder

What sucks?

Yes - I agree on "Vim should be a text editor only" - but I also want it to be smart enough to let me do what I want. And at some point you hit a border. Some people work around it to get close to there goals, but often its about adding yet another hack.

In the end a project is as healthy as its community is. Emacs has a bigger community, why?

If you want this to be fixed and if you can afford spending resources (time/money) on this let me know.

How to escape from this


So I guess we should start with a comparison about what we want so that we can choose one or muliple ways to continue.

I'd help getting this fixed by doing anything

Who would eventually join? * Marc Weber * fobius

If you want to get added send me an email: marco-oweber AT

What's the main problem? its nontrivial to understand which is the best way to continue.

things to avoid