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Well :h motion.txt should be your first try. Most imoprtant keys:

hjkl - as experienced user you'll notice that you don't use them that often.
So you should at least know about the following and have a look at :h motion.txt
and create your own by mappings

how to reach insert mode:
| is cursor location

I  i|a  A

important movements and their relation:

     <c-u>                      H (top line window)

-      k                        
0    h | l   $                  M
<cr>   j

N G or :N : goto line number N


use search / ? to place cursor. Remember that typing a word is not always the
              most efficient way. Eg try /ys t this. And you'll get excatly
              one match in the whole document.

c-o c-i : jump list history

g;      : where did I edit last (current buffer) - you can repeat it

Learn about w vs W. Try it (same for e,E)

f,F,t,T : move to char or just before it forward / backward current line. (A
          must), the two keys ; and , repeats that movement in both directions

be faster: delete then goto insert mode:
C: deletes till end of line
c a-movement-action: deletes characters visited while moving

more movements:
(, ): move by sentence
, , {, } : more blockwise movements which are often helpful

Of course you can define your own movements easily, such as the well known <c-e>:
inoremap <c-e> <esc>A

However a lot of additional needs and solutions are there.

random ideas / scripts / plugins: