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TODO how to compile from source -> faq-35.10 has quite a lot of info.

installing dependencies

Quoting from -> faq-35.10

Depending on your linux distro such may be fastest

  apt-get build-dep vim-gtk
  zypper source-install --build-deps-only vim
  yum-builddep PACKAGE_NAME

nixos linux

vim_configurable is quite sophisticated, there is no need to build from source yourself.

install (vim_configurable.override { pythonSupport = true; ...})) and you should be done

There are many additional ways

how to build multiple configurations from the same source

      for i in $(seq 2); do make -C src shadow SHADOWDIR=case$i; done
      (cd src/case1 && ./configure ... && make)
      (cd src/case2 && ./configure ... && make

James McCoy @ vim-dev May 27 2013