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addon-info.json (official minimal documentation)

VAM introduced addon-info.json to document important properties of Vim plugins such as:

JSON format has been chosen because

most important keys


Some repositories have a "vim/" subdirectory which needs to be used intsead of root. This key indicates this. Examples are sparkup,merlin,vimwiki,vimbufsync.

depedencies: (VAM only?) See example below

VAM's usage

    'depedencies': {
    'name': { opts-as-in-addon-info.json }

opts are usually empty, but you could use the "url" key to tell VAM where to download the dependency. Usually the download location is derived from vim-pi pool.

VAM's documentation lists more keys, which can be used, but they don't have very important meaning. We could think about supporting keys

All keys are described in VAM's documentation


Some proposals exist to declare versioned dependendencies, reciepes about how to unpack sources etc


vim-pi issue

initial thoughts by Marc Weber and Garbas, titanpad

historical notes

VAM still contains some legacy code to support the older .json file names which contained the plugin name.

notes about this page:

keep the introduction short. Add detailed information into additional sections later on this page