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This wiki's syntax / markup

links/ references

Reference a wiki page: [[dir/file]] (press gf to follow a link in Vim)
External link: [[http(s)://domain|label]]

looks like:

Reference a wiki page: file (press gf to follow a link in Vim) External link: label


= H1
== header level 2

(Looks like omitted, would be confusing)

code blocks inline/multi line

A {{{ inline block }}}
A multiline

looks like:

A inline block

A multiline


* Text
  more text (at least 2 spaces)
* second item

1) or use numbers

looks like:

bold, strong text

** bold text **

looks like:

bold text

feature matrices

first define feature list, then assign features to things:

blue:: is blue
fast:: is fast
loved_by_us:: we use it
eventually_loved_by_us:: we may use it also

emacs:: blue, fast, eventually_loved_by_us
vim:: blue, fast, loved_by_us

looks like:

emacs, vim comparison:
featureemacsvimfeature description
blueyesyesis blue
fastyesyesis fast
loved_by_usyeswe use it
eventually_loved_by_usyeswe may use it also


Just use <c-r>='\\'.nrtochar('{') to quote the { character. Eg that's useful to encode {{{ without starting a inline code block. The wiki source will look like this then: