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This wiki should become the greatest resource about Vim by telling you about most useful plugins, workflows and settings

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Learning Vim & getting help

Want to use Vim without modes? vim-without-modes


development of Vim :

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About the Editor VIM: What Vim is, how to install it:

VimL related (extending Vim):

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how to find a plugin?

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Vim sucks ?

Yes - its still productive. Anyway, let's collect things about Vim which should be improved (by someone somewhen ..)

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Various topics ..

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Here you'll find short introductions about which tools are most valuable. Tools (like tagging, snippets) which are useful for many languages should be added as topic. Then they can be referenced.

additional vim related sites (random order)



Vim in the browser (JS by emscripten)

The modal editing found in Vim is that famous that many editors adopted at least some ideas: vim-keybinding-implementations


This wiki will soon be too big for one person to maintain.

Some files will be maintained by individuals, others will be patched by the community as needed.